Itnomy BV is a limited company in The Netherlands and operates in the following areas:

World Telecom

VOIP Telecommunication Services, Business telephony based on cloud PBX, Sip Trunking, and International Phone Numbers.

We have a simple per device subscription model. Customers pay a basic fee per connected device and per phone number. This amount can be used to make calls. 

We charge no fees for usage of PBX features.

Portofoon Nederland

IP Walkie Talkie system with Worldwide coverage. System coverage depends on mobile network availability. We deliver the radios with EU or World coverage.

We offer this service based on Android based handhelds integrating PTT Push-to-Talk, mobile handset, and location tracking service. A management console is used to track the devices and perform two way calls with the radios, including conference calls with many participants.

World Mobile:

Prepaid International travel SIM cards.

Prepaid (International) M2M sim cards.

WorldMobile provides prepaid international simcards. Customers can prevent huge roaming costs during travel.

WorldMobile does not charge roaming in 150 countries and has a special on-net rate between 150 countries. International data packages are available as low as 8.90 euro/GB.

WorldMobile international sim cards help travellers save on international roaming costs.